Fad Akileh

Fad Akileh


UDEO ; own and operate several D/B/A’s in the telecom, private capital lending, mobile device application, real estate, restaurant and hospitality industries for strategic staffing positioning. Partners with Comcast, Charter, Cox cable. Partners with Amazon and DHL logistics. 

Developed a portfolio worth $60,000 a month in staffing clients, in under 2 months.

Grew company from $30,000 in total sales in 2 months, to $105,000 a month with 14 clients in under 4 months.

Company continues exponential growth to $600,000 in total sales in under half a year, with over 10 clients across three industries.

Company achieved national radius, achieving seven figures revenues in 6 months, with over 20 clients between Missouri Florida, Illinois and Delaware Texas Wisconsin Ohio,

Company expands staffing totally 84; internationally and remotely established in South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, The Netherlands, and The West Pacific Islands.