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Our company Udeo Contractors is capable of offering a vast array of services. Our project manager has almost thirty years of field experience and our contractors are seasoned and knowledgeable technicians with a wide skill set We are a full service cable and network installation and Configuration Company. Our service is guaranteed 100%. Our technicians are customer focused. We stand behind our work and ensure your satisfaction. The following are some of the services we offer but not limited to:

  • High Speed Internet and Data – Our technicians work to ensure your network your computers are functioning properly.
  • Video/Digital Installations- Our Technicians will take the time needed to explain video on demand, digital video recording and high definition program viewing. Not all televisions and services are the same
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit / Custom Wiring- Our team is trained in these complicated areas such as multi dwelling units, high rises, industrial locations, and multi-level commercial establishments. And we are dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction.
  • System Rebuild and Damage Repair. We have a crew that is capable of helping restore any areas damage and repair in a professional timely manner. We believe in getting the job done right the first time.
  • Disconnects/Equipment Recovery- We work from service from installation to disconnect and equipment recovery. We Work with the customer, and understand each situation is unique and different.
  • Aerial Construction 
  • Residential/ Commercial Installations We provide custom installations for all your residential and commercial needs, we understand each job is unique in every way and take the time necessary to map out each job to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Drop Buries- We take pride in our work and take the time necessary to locate utilities and put the customers yard back to original condition, while ensuring quality work in burying your cable. We are fully equipped company with tools and equipment for any level of bury that needs to be completed.
  • Underground Construction
  • Prewire
  • Post wire
  • Single Pole 
  • Mid span
  • Security 
  • Splicing
  • Metrics– We pride ourselves on setting a high standard for our Competitors, we spend time with our technicians and customers to ensure complete satisfaction, we also have a retraining program for any techs that are having problems in any area.
  • Our all white Fleet of 40 vehicles is well maintained by our own Company mechanic.